Proudly made in America with much love and care, Legami is passionate about perfection, just as we are about unbreakable bonds. Careful handmade craftsmanship is combined with top technology to fine-tune signature pieces, and highlight the heart of your bond.

The Legami process is a meeting of minds. We link special people who want to give of themselves, to capture a truth in each jewel. Acclaimed jewelers, master knot makers, natural uncut genuine diamond experts, inspiring artists, technology innovators, insightful designers – our team of professionals explore fabulous ways to put personal value in all that we do.




We believe that natural is the closest you can be to yourself, and to others. With no frills and no drills, our natural uncut geniuine diamonds retain their real organic form, mounted onto Legami jewelry in our patented process that keeps them just as they are, untouched, as unique as you are, as unique as your unbreakable bond.

At our crafting facility, this jewel-tech innovation is merged with the ancient mastery of knots. As old as mankind, knots are a timeless tool for symbolizing bonds and secrets shared. We select the finest materials for our creations, and produce refined jewelry that celebrates American labor by building on the old with the new, cherishing the past while embracing the present, for powerful products that, like unbreakable bonds, stay true.


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