Bonds built to last are the most precious thing on Earth. 

In a diamond, carbon atoms connect so strongly, it is the most unbreakable material known to man. Natural uncut diamonds are diamonds in their genuine organic state, as they were removed from the depths of the earth and prior to undergoing the polishing process which lends the stone the glitter and luster that characterize diamonds in the eyes of the general public.

Legami Jewelry ("Legami" is the Italian word for "Bond"), is the only jewelry brand to mount these pure gems as-is, created eons ago by the forces of nature. Their jewel-tech innovation sets each stone in its purest form, carrying the softest glow of something that is a singular occurrence in space and time.

Proudly made in America, Legami is passionate about perfection, just as they are about unbreakable bonds. Careful handmade craftsmanship is combined with top technology to fine-tune signature pieces, and highlight the heart of your bond.  

With no frills and no drills, Legami's natural uncut genuine diamonds retain their real organic form, mounted onto the jewelry in a patented process that keeps them just as they are, untouched, as unique as you are, as unique as your unbreakable bond.

Legami selects the finest materials for their creations, and produce refined jewelry that celebrates American labor by building on the old with the new, cherishing the past while embracing the present, for powerful products that, like unbreakable bonds, stay true.

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